Useful Things To Crochet For Home

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Use all this yarn accumulating in your stash with the help of this collection of over 43 fun and useful crochet projects for home decor. Here you’ll find a variety of crochet projects to crochet from baskets to crochet placemats and coasters, pillow and crochet wall hangings.

The goal is to help you find crochet patterns that are easy crochet projects for your home decor.

What can be crochet useful for household?

Pretty much anything! Crochet pillow covers, crochet baskets, crochet wall hanging, crochet coasters and placemats, crochet rugs and potholders, crochet tissue box covers and crochet plant covers. You name it. Here’s the list of the most useful things to crochet that can also be crochet gifts.

Free useful things to crochet for home

  1. Azure memories pillow by Crochet Cloudberry Crochet cushion covers are the perfect way to show off the versatility of the craft and introduce interesting textures into your home. This free crochet pillow pattern does just that; it introduces textured diagonals in shades of blue.


2. Ripples Crochet Tissue Box Cover Free Pattern Ripples tissue box crochet pattern is easy enough for beginner crocheters once you get a hang of the stitch used in tissue box pattern and interesting enough even for advanced crocheters. Tissue cover holder crochet pattern is a wonderful pattern for any time of the year, whether you want to keep a finished item for yourself or give it to your family and friends, it’s also a great item for selling in the markets.


3. Squirrel Potholder by Raffamusa Designs Cute and useful potholder would be a great addition to a farmhouse crochet decor.


4. Hairpin Lace Dreamcatcher by Raffamusa Designs. If you are new to hairpin crochet, don’t be afraid to try this out. There is photo and video tutorial on how to hairpin crochet for beginners.


5. Kate Basket Sunflower by Cottage Crochet. It would make a great gift basket for someone filled with toiletries or yarn!

Kate BasketSunflower Cottage Crochet.jpg

6. Emmett Candle Cozy by Deni Made. These adorable ribbed cozies take an everyday candle or jar from ordinary to extraordinary. Use them for candles and small succulents. They add a touch of cozy hominess to any room.


7. Quadrate Crochet Wall Hanging Free Pattern is really modern, but still quite cozy, decorative piece! With this free crochet pattern you’ll create something modern, but not something so overly modern that it lost all of its warmth + coziness.


8. Morning Bloom Coasters by Sweet Bee Crochet. This quick and easy pattern works up quickly and is perfect project for when you don’t have much time to crochet.

Morning Bloom CoastersSweet Bee Crochet.jpeg

9. Merino Barstool Pads by Stitch & Hustle. These are great because you can also use them as placemats to brighten up your summer tables.

Merino Barstool PadsStitch & Hustle.jpg

10. Owl Eyeglass Holder by My Fingers Fly.

Owl Eyeglass HolderMy Fingers Fly.jpg

11. Boho Fiber Curtain by The Burgundy Basket.

Boho Fiber CurtainThe Burgundy Basket.jpg

12. Square Woven Basket Set Free Crochet Pattern. Square free crochet basket set pattern includes pattern for 3 sizes. Easy and beginner friendly free crochet pattern. Make one or all three to organize little items on your home or make it as a gift.


13. Bee pillow by Sunflower Cottage Crochet is a pattern that was quite simple, not too time consuming and a great pattern for all experience levels.


14. Crochet Pyramid Door stop by Blue Star Crochet is not only practical addition to your crochet home decor but it is insanely stylish!


15. Cadence Coasters by Deni Made. These little boho cuties are quick to make and are great for using up small bits of yarn in your stash.

Cadence CoastersDeniMade.jpg

16. Cestino Basket Crochet Basket. Free crochet basket pattern that is not only functional, but also modern. This basket is perfect for storage and can even be used as a waste basket.


17. Cross Wall Hanging by Desert Blossom Crafts. This home decor piece is made with tapestry crochet, and features some cute crocheted flowers and lace mesh near the top.

CrossWall HangingDesertBlossomCrafts.jpg

18. Crochet Wall Organizer: Pocket Wall Hanging by The Burgundy Basket. Want a fun way to use your scraps? Want to make a lot of little projects/toys that are great for little ones? Want to custom a special piece for a wee one? This project is for you!

Crochet Wall OrganizerPocket Wall HangingThe Burgundy Basket.jpg

19. The Bobble Pop Plant Cozy by Sweet Bee Crochet is an eye catching and colourful pattern

Bobble Pop Plant CozySweet Bee Crochet.jpeg

20. Danny’s Velvety Dream Pillow by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’ a super easy crochet pillow pattern.

Danny's Velvety Dream PillowItchin' for some Stitchin'.jpg

21. Juniper Wall Hanging by Deni Made. Looking for a crochet project that is quick, easy, and also functional? The Juniper Wall Hanging pattern is a perfect fit!

Juniper Wall HangingDeniMade.jpg

22. Basket and Placemats Set Crochet Free Pattern. Need some DIY inspiration for you fall decorating? Check out easy free crochet basket and placemats pattern.


23. Boho Wall Hanging by Desert Blossom Crafts. This simple but elegant crochet design would be the perfect accent for your wall!


24. Joyful Mandala Made by Gootie

Joyful Mandala Made by Gootie.jpg

25. Everlasting Carnations by Hooked On Patterns. These simple yet beautiful flowers can also brighten up a room for any occasion, and could even make a gorgeous wedding bouquet! You can adapt this pattern to make hair clips or pin badges as well, instructions given at the end of the pattern.


26. Crochet Trivet and Coaster Set with Wooden Base. Very unique and unusual crochet trivet and coaster set pattern that includes wood and yarn! It’s so simple and stylish. The pattern is so easy and quick, it takes a matter of an hour or two to whip up the entire set.


27. Pinstripe Cushion Cover by Blue Star Crochet is a colorful cushion cover with the stripes.

Pinstripe Cushion CoverBlue Star Crochet.jpg

28. Pocket Place Mat by Stitch & Hustle. The Crochet Pocket Placemat is perfect for everything from outdoor bar-b-que action, picnics and every day dining! Works up so fast


29. Crochet Chevron Basket Free Pattern. Sturdy crochet basket pattern with chevron motif is an easy and fast pattern. Functional DIY crochet storage solution that can be made within a few hours.


30. Spring Gingham Placemat by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’


31. Woven Crochet Baskets Set Free Pattern. Crochet baskets so incredibly easy add a cozy touch to any space in the house. Crochet with chunky cords is very quick and simple. Free crochet pattern includes 3 basket sizes to make a set.


32. Granny Hexagon Pillow by Itchin’ for some Stitchin’. You just need to make some basic granny hexagons and then assemble them in a particular way.


33. Twisted Crochet Plant Pot Cover by Blue Star Crochet. It is a quick beginner friendly pattern that would make a lovely gift too.

Twisted Crochet Plant Pot CoverBlue Star Crochet.jpg

34. Crochet Table Runner Free Pattern. Crochet Table Runner Free Pattern is a versatile free crochet pattern. You can crochet it just as is, which makes a perfect coffee table runner. Or make this runner longer, which would be perfect for a dining table runner. This t-shirt yarn crochet pattern table runner would be also perfect as a decorative runner for the top of your dresser or nightstand.


35. Heart Jar Cosy by Hooked On Patterns. This filet-crochet style heart can be made as a decorative storage jar cozy, or you can pop a tea-light inside a glass jar for a beautiful candle cover which gives a dancing display of light.

Heart Jar CosyHooked On Patterns.jpg

36. Rainy Day by Golden Lucy Crafts. This Rainy Day Crochet Wall Art will be a beautiful decoration for your home or office. If you know how to crochet, it would be a wonderful DIY project to make for yourself or as a gift for somebody who loves rain.


37. T-shirt Trivet and Coaster Set. Very quick results with trivet and coaster set free crochet pattern, as it works up in no time. Useful items for home, they’re something you’ll enjoy using everyday, but they look pretty too!


38. Granny Heart Cushion Cover by Hooked On Patterns.


39. Rectangular crochet basket pattern. Crochet basket is a great option for storage children toys, keys, change and of course all my crochet supplies. Get free crochet rectangular basket pattern.


40. Spring Daffodils by Hooked On Patterns. Keep the fresh Spring time feeling in the home with a beautiful, bright display of daffodils.


41. Dog Tissue Box Cover by Simply Melanie Jane.

Dog Tissue BoxCoverSimply Melanie Jane.jpg

42. Stash Buster Mini Basket by Sweet Bee Crochet. Perfect for your desk, nightstand, inside a drawer or an entry way table. It’s easy peasy, super cute and best of all, free!

Stash Buster Mini BasketSweet Bee Crochet.jpeg

43. Stellar Mandalas by Desert Blossom Crafts. This lace mandala crochet pattern uses beautiful pineapple lace & shell stitches to create a stunning piece you will definitely want hanging on your wall.


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