Stash Busting Challenge

16 Patterns to Bust Your Stash: Awesome for stash busting challenge

16 Patterns to Bust Your Stash: Awesome for stash busting challenge. Do you have a stash of yarn that you just can’t seem to use up? Are you looking for new patterns to help bust your stash? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we are going to share 16 different crochet patterns that are perfect for stash busting. These patterns are all easy to follow and will help you use up even the most stubborn stash! So what are you waiting for? Start crocheting and bust that stash today!


How does the stash busting challenge work?

But first, what is the Stash Busting Challenge? It’s a challenge to use up the stash of yarn you have sitting around your house. This can be any type of yarn – leftovers from other projects, skeins you’ve been meaning to use, or even balls of yarn that you’ve had for years and never got around.

The challenge is simple: use your stash to crochet as many items as possible with these free patterns.

Stash Busting Challenge - How It Works

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Here’s a list of 16 Patterns to Bust Your Stash for this awesome stash busting challenge that are available for free this week only.  So, click on the links below to download them now!

  1. Strawberry baby hat knitting pattern by Knittingwithchopsticks.  This adorable baby hat is perfect for using up stash yarn, and it’s so easy to make! baby hat knitting pattern
  2. Blooming Mug Cozy and Placemat set by FosbasdesignsIt’s perfect for using up all those odd balls of stash yarn.Mug rug and Placemat set
  3. Preemie Lovey Baby Blanket by Madamestitch. It’s soft, cuddly, and so easy to make! preemie lovey blanket pattern
  4. Snuggle Bonding Squares by Craftingeachday.  These squares are made in pairs so that mom and baby can each have a square when mom cannot hold or be with her baby. By wearing a square against her skin for a few hours, the mom can transfer her scent to the square.snuggle bonding squares
  5. Boho Mug rug by Carrowaycrochet. This is a free crochet pattern for a beautiful and colorful mug rug.  boho mug rug pattern
  6. Catherine’s Wheel Purse by Madebygootie.  Beautiful and elegant, the Catherine’s Wheel Crochet Stitch is a lovely stitch that creates a solid and reversible crochet fabric with a beautiful texture.   This is a great stash busting project because you can use any yarn and any color combination that you like. Catherine's wheel Purse pattern
  7. Spiral 3D Applique by Simplyhookedbyjanet. This is a unique and fun applique that can be used to decorate a variety of projects. It’s also a great stash buster because you can use up those bits of leftover yarn in your stash.Spiral 3D Applique pattern
  8. Stingray Amigurumi by Loopsandlovecrochet.  This is a fun and unique pattern that is perfect for using up those odds and ends of yarn in your stash.Stingray Amigurumi pattern
  9. Summer Crossed Pair Headband by CraftingforweeksLighter weight headband version of headband for summer time.   This stash busting project is perfect for using up those bits of yarn.Summer Crossed Pair Headband
  10. Simple Bobble Baskets  by JuniperandoakesThese stash busting baskets are perfect for holding all sorts of things. Simple Bobble Baskets
  11. McAlester Mittens by BananamoonstudioMcAlester Mittens
  12. Crochet planter cover basket crochet pattern by KnitznpurlzDress up your plants with this stash busting crochet pattern. Even better make a set!crochet planter pot cover basket free pattern
  13. Easy Plant Pot Cover by Offthehookforyou. This is a super quick and easy Plant Pot cover, using Single and Half Double crochet to give a nice close texture – this is a super quick to make – and a perfect advanced beginners project.Easy Plant Pot Cover
  14. Crayon pencil case by Sunflowercottagecrochet . This crochet pattern is perfect for keeping all your crayons and pencils in one place. Crayon Pencil Case pattern
  15. Crochet knit look neck warmer by Toyslabcreations. This  crochet pattern looks like it’s knit, but it’s really crochet! crochet ribbed cowl pattern
  16. Simple Farmhouse Hand Towel by Theloopholefox. This is a beautiful and simple hand towel that would be perfect in any kitchen. 

Farmhouse Hand Towel

Get started on your next crochet project and use up some of those leftover yarn skeins in the process. We’ve got a few blog posts lined up for you this week that are packed full of free crochet patterns, all designed to help you bust your stash. Be sure to download the patterns before they expire – this week only! Happy crocheting!

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