Basket and Place mats Set Knitting Pattern

After I crocheted a Basket and Placemats Set I suddenly started to find so many things I didn’t know I have to put in this basket! And I decided that I need another one, but this time I knitted it. Of course with matching placemats! So I switch them around on my table from time to time.

I love the texture of garter stitch and it does not roll on the edges, it’s a win-win!. I also sew in cute leather handles (the same handles I used in my rectangular set of baskets, you can find crochet pattern here).

The basket measures 9” in diameter x 3.5” H. Placemats measure 13” x 12, but you can go ahead and customize it by adding or decreasing amount of stitches on cast on and by knitting more or less rows.

What you will need:

T-shirt yarn (6 super bulky weight, super chunky yarn/100m(109yards)/330g) -109 yards (100 m)for basket

T-shirt yarn (6 super bulky weight, super chunky yarn/100m(109yards)/330g) -88 yards (80 m)for 1 placemat

I used t-shirt yarn from my shop KNITZNPURLZ;

Knitting needles – 9mm, US13;

Tapestry needle;

Leather sew in handles (optional)

Abbreviations, Stitch knowledge:

Garter st – garter stitch ( knit all stitches in all rows) ;

K- knit;

P – purl;

St(s) – stitch(es);

Sl1P – slip stitch purlwise;

Gauge: 2 st=1”and 3 rows=1” in garter st

Let’s get knitting!


Note: Basket is worked up in short rows. Cast on with scrap yarn for easy sewing edges.

Cast on 22 st on scrap yarn.

Cut off scrap yarn and join main color yarn.

Row 1-2. K all st.

Row 3. K 19, w&t leaving remaining st unworked.

Row 4. K all st.

Row 5. K 17, w&t leaving remaining st unworked.

Row 6. K all st.

Row 7. K 15, w&t leaving remaining st unworked.

Row 8. K all st.

Row 9. K 13, w&t leaving remaining st unworked.

Row 10. K all st.

Repeat rows 1-10 8 more times.


Do not cast off, cut a length of yarn, thread darning needle and sew in the edges, removing scrap yarn and st off the needle as you go. Insert darning needle from top down to the st on the bottom, pull yarn through , insert darning needle to the next st from the bottom, pull yarn through, insert darning needle from bottom to top to the st on the knitting needle, remove st from knitting needle, pull yarn through. Repeat described way until all st are sewn. Fold over top edges and sew in handles (optional). Weave ends and finish off.


Note: Always Sl1p first st, p last st for even edges.

Cast on 24 st.

Row 1. Knit in garter st until your work measures 13” from cast on or your desired length.

Cast off, weave ends and finish off.

Happy knitting!


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