How To Crochet Baskets With Wooden Bottom

Pretty soon the days will get warmer and you’ll start thinking about taking that Christmas decor down (hey, no judgement here!) and decorate for EASTER TIME! And who doesn’t want to decorate for Easter and make all these cute little basket for kids?!! And if it is a KIT with step-by-step tutorial and everything you need to get your hands on this project, the idea becomes irresistible! An easy, super easy pattern to start and finish within couple of hours.

And on the plus side the KIT includes the wooden bottom for basket, I bet you haven’t done that before. Kudos if yes, if not you definitely should try one. You can find it HERE. It also includes your favorite color of t-shirt yarn, 10 mm and 5 mm crochet hook and of course a wooden bottom!

And I will show how it is done, more then that I will offer you all supplies you need to make one of your own.


Before beginning you’ll need to know these types of stitches:

Ch- chain;

St – stitch;

Sc- single crochet

MC- main color

CC-contrast color

KST – knit stitch or center single crochet stitch

() – repeat pattern from ( to )


Let’s get crocheting!

  1. With 5 mm hook join MC yarn with a single crochet stitch through the hole of the wooden bottom.

2. Continue with single crochet through all holes of the wooden bottom.

3. Cut off yarn and join new thread. Now that you’ve attached yarn to the bottom , you’ll start crocheting the walls of the basket, by working with KST stitch in spiral way.

4. Change to 10 mm hook and continue crochet with KST stitch pattern until the half of desired height. (I have 5 rows in my basket). Cut off MC.

5. Join CC and continue with KST until desired height.

You may even add handles to you basket

6. KST to the corner of the basket, 4KST, make 11 ch st, skip 11 st, KST to the 12th st, continue with KST to the opposite side of the basket and repeat same steps to make another handle, continue with KST until the end of the row.

7. (Sl st around until the handle, 12 sc under the arc of the handle) repeat around the basket.

Cut off yarn and finish off.

8. Join CC yarn under the handle and sl st under and around the handles. Cut yarn and finish off and waive all ends.

And here you go, now you can make beautiful basket with wooden bottom. I hope that you find this tutorial useful and will get inspired. You can find a complete KIT HERE . I can’t wait to see your baskets with delishh goodies in it.

Happy crocheting!


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