Crochet rainbow wall hanging pattern

Crochet rainbow wall hanging free pattern

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to make your own stunning rainbow wall hanging crochet? Look no further! Because, crochet rainbow wall hanging free pattern is the perfect solution. This easy and fast pattern will have you creating beautiful rainbows in no time. With materials included, this kit allows you to create unique pieces with minimal effort. The best part is that our kit comes with everything you need.  Including both detailed instructions and all the yarn needed to put together your very own colorful masterpiece. So get creative, show off your skills and enjoy crafting something special to become a treasured piece of art in any room! Have fun expressing yourself with this vibrant rainbow wall hanging crochet pattern!

How do you make rainbow hanging decorations?

This crochet rainbow wall hanging free pattern is one of the simplest, quickest projects you’ll ever tackle. Perfect for crocheters and makers of all skill levels! With just 1 basic crochet stitch, yes just 1! Some colorful yarns, and a little bit of imagination, you can make an eye-catching statement piece that’s sure to brighten up any room. Whether it’s as a housewarming present or something special just for yourself, this vibrant project is sure to be loved by all!  For all those who crave a little bit of magic, imagination and warmth in their home, this kit is perfect for you. Whether you are a seasoned crochet enthusiast or a beginner looking for a new exciting DIY project, our rainbow crochet kit guarantees a fun and fast crafting experience that you won’t forget. With this kit, you are about to embark on a journey to create not just a simple decorative piece, but a vibrant symbol of hope, positivity, and joy.

rainbow crochet pattern

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Can you crochet a rainbow wall hanging?

Yes! In fact, rainbow wall hanging crochet kit combines trendy, modern colors of t-shirt yarn, a sturdy wooden base, and an easy-to-follow crochet pattern. If time is of the essence and you need a quick yet stunning project, you’ve just found the perfect match! In as little as an hour, you will have a beautiful rainbow hanging. Ready to add a splash of color and whimsy to your home décor.

What yarn to use to crochet a wall hanging?

While working with t-shirt yarn made from high-quality, sustainable materials, you will be delighted to notice its softness and stretchiness. Wonderfully versatile yarn ensures an easy hand-crafting experience while allowing your finished product to maintain its durability and shape over time. The wooden base included in the kit serves as the perfect anchor for your rainbow, offering both stability and a natural touch to the overall design.

Crochet rainbow wall hanging free pattern

Skill Level – Easy

Crochet Hook – 5 mm, H 8                                  

Yarn – T-shirt yarn (weight 6 / super bulky weight), 100 yds (91 m) / 326 g (11.5 oz) – color A – 4 yds (4 m), color B  – 5 yds (4.5 m), color C – 9 yds (8.5 m).

Other – Rainbow Wooden base.    

I used t-shirt yarn and board from my shop KNITZNPURLZ

Or get the rainbow wall hanging crochet KIT with all material included

Finished  measurements – 12″ width x 6″ height


st(s) – stitch(es)

sl st – slip stitch

Round 1: With color A insert the hook through the holes of wooden base and work 1 sl st for each hole of wooden base. Cut yarn.

Repeat 1 more row with color A, 2 rows with color B and 3 rows with color C. Weave all ends.

At the top in the middle of the board attach yarn from inside out and make a loop for hanging. 

Cut yarn approximately 7 inches, fold in half, insert the loop in the the board bottom holes, pull ends through the loop and tighten to make fringe.

crochet wall hanging rainbow

So, grab your hooks, your chosen Rainbow Crochet Kit, and let’s embark on this magical journey. As the vibrant colors of the yarn weave together, immerse yourself in the world of creativity and relaxation. By the end of this project, you’ll have a stunning, modern piece of art. It will effortlessly brighten up any living space, spark conversation, and become a cherished part of your home décor for years to come. The rainbow awaits!

Watch video tutorial to help you along the way!

Happy making,


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