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Crochet Small Backpack Free Pattern With T-shirt Yarn

Crafting a Stylish small Crochet Backpack: Combining Leather Accessories and T-Shirt Yarn. Crocheting is like painting with yarn, and we’re about to add a touch of elegance and durability to your creations. By using leather kit accessories and high-quality t-shirt yarn, I’ll guide you through making a cool small crochet backpack. I’ve even got a free crochet pattern for you. This mix not only guarantees a trendy outcome but also promises a fun and lasting project.

Why Use Leather Accessories In Crochet Backpack: Adding Style and Strength

Leather accessories can make your creations look fancy and last longer. Leather kit accessories, like a leather base, flap, straps, and hardware, can give your crochet projects a professional finish and make them tough enough for everyday use.

Creating the Crochet Backpack: Where Yarn Meets Leather

Making a crochet backpack that’s both stylish and sturdy is easier than you think. The free crochet pattern helps you make a backpack that’s useful and looks great. When you add the leather kit accessories, you’re combining the cozy feeling of yarn with a modern touch of leather.

Materials you’ll need:

  • T-shirt yarn (it comes with the kit, so you’re all set)
  • Crochet hooks 5mm and 9mm
  • Leather kit pieces (base, flap, straps, and hardware, also included in the kit)
  • 8 stitch markers

crochet small backpack free pattern

How to Crochet a Small Backpack Free Pattern With T-shirt Yarn

  • Start Strong:
    • Use the t-shirt yarn from the kit and leather base to make the bottom of the backpack. The kit’s instructions will help you make it just right. Also don’t forget to watch the video tutorial down below.
    • Keep going to make the main part of the backpack. The t-shirt yarn is thick, so it works up fast. You’ll see your backpack taking shape in no time. I used waistcoat crochet stitch
  • The Flap:
    • Add the leather flap from the kit to make your backpack look even cooler. Attach it securely on top.
  • Strap It Up:
    • Use the leather straps from the kit and the hardware to attach them to the backpack. These straps look good and make sure your backpack is tough and comfy.
  • Finishing Touches:
    • Make sure everything is secure and in place. Your backpack will be stylish and ready to use

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Why T-Shirt Yarn Matters: Making Your Project Awesome

  • Super Strong: The t-shirt yarn in the kit is really good quality, so your creation will last a long time.
  • Fast Fun: Because the t-shirt yarn is chunky, your crochet work will be done in just a few evenings.
  • Made to Last: Mixing the great t-shirt yarn with the leather kit pieces means you’re making something that will stay awesome for a long time.

Crochet Small Backpack Free Pattern With T-shirt yarn

small backpack free crochet pattern

Method: Crochet

Skill Level: Easy

Finished  measurements: 10.5″ width x 10″ height

Crochet Hook: 8 mm, L11; 5 mm, H 8

Yarn: T-shirt yarn (weight 6 / super bulky weight), 100 yds (91 m) / 326 g (11.5 oz) -230 yds (3 cakes (100 yds each))

I used t-shirt yarn from my shop KNITZNPURLZ

Other: Stitch marker – 8pcs

Backpack Leather accessories and hardware kit (leather base, leather backpack flap, 2 backpack adjustable straps, drawstring, tuck lock, 2 gate rings (for removable straps))

Gauge: 2 St = 1” and 1 Row = 1” in ws (your gauge may depend on the thickness of your yarn, so you may have to decrease or increase the size of the hook to match the gauge).


ch – chain                      

pm – place marker                    

st(s) – stitch(es)                  

sc – single crochet                 

sk – skip                        

sl st – slip stitch                  

* – repeat information from * as indicated 

Special stitches

Waistcoat stitch (Ws)                   

waistcoat stitch or knit stitch works as a single crochet but instead of going under two loops you insert hook between the “legs” (“v”) of the next stitch, then work as a regular single crochet. 

Invisible slip stitch (Iss)

When you’re ready to join the round, draw up height of active loop on hook a little and remove your hook. Insert your hook into the first stitch of the round from the wrong side to the right side, pull the loop through the stitch into the wrong side. Make the loop larger, put your entire project through the loop. Tighten the loop by pulling the working yarn string. Reinsert the hook into the first st from the right side, pull a new loop from wrong side to right and ch 1.

invisible slip crochet stitch

Note: Backpack is started by crocheting around a leather base. You can make your backpack shorter by decreasing the number of rounds of the backpack wall (take away rounds between rounds 3-21). If you would like your backpack taller, add more rounds between rounds 3-21 in backpack walls. Follow Round 3a for non- removable straps if you want to crochet the square hardware ring of straps into the backpack, otherwise continue to Round 3. In removable straps the square hardware piece is crocheted in the backpack, in removable straps the square hardware piece is replaced with a gate ring that gets hooked to the backpack. Ch at the beginning of the row counts as a st

  1. Backpack

With studs of the leather base facing you start in the hole of the base that is above the left top stud.  With 5mm hook insert the hook through the holes of leather base and work in each hole around wooden base. 

Round 1: Ch 1, *(2 sc in one st, 1 sc in next st) 5 times, 1 sc in next st, (2 sc in one st, 1 sc in next two sts) 3 times; rep from * once omitting final sc, Iss. 56 sts 

backpack crochet pattern

Round 2: Sc in each st through the back loop AND third loop of the st. The row will curl up forming the wall of the backpack. Iss. 

Round 3a optional for non removable straps: Pm on 44th st and 55th st. With 8 mm hook ws until marker, *insert the hook through the square hardware ring (the right side facing down) and finish off as ws in next 3 sts*, ws until next marker repeat from *. Iss. 

crochet purse pattern

Round 3-21: Ws around. Iss. 

Pm on 4th, 8th, 18th, 22nd, 32nd, 36th, 43rd and 53rd sts

backpack pattern

Round 30: To make holes for drawstring * ws until marked st, ch 1, sk 1, repeat from * around. 

Pm on 40th and 56th sts. 

Round 30: Sl st until marked st, change to 5 mm hook, attach the leather flap from outside back wall by sl st through the holes of the flap and the backpack wall until next marked st. Iss. 

crochet backpack kit

Skip sts of backpack wall as needed to ensure even flap attachment

  1. Finishing

Finish off and weave ends. Attach tuck lock to the leather flap and gate rings if removable straps hardware is chosen. Insert the drawstring through the holes. 

leather kit to crochet a backpack

Creating a small crochet backpack with t-shirt yarn that combines cozy yarn with sleek leather kit accessories is a cool journey. With the free crochet pattern and the leather base, flap, straps, and hardware that come in the kit, you’re making something special. Blend textures, mix materials, and enjoy the adventure of crafting something that shows off your creativity and lasts for ages.

backpack crochet pattern

Here are some helpful links:

Watch a video for step by step tutorial:

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