square basket pattern with tshirt yarn

Crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn

 Crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn

This beginner friendly crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn pattern is the perfect project for anyone looking to gain confidence in their crocheting skills. This quick and easy pattern makes an attractive, stylish and highly functional storage basket that can be used as a catch-all in any room of the house. The vibrant colors of t-shirt yarn make this basket ideal for holding small items such as keys, jewelry, or coins. The interesting texture created by the stitches also adds visual interest making it a perfect decorative piece when not in use. 

This pattern is designed to use basic crochet stitches which are suitable for all levels of crocheters. Even those with no prior experience can easily create a beautiful finished product in just a few hours. The finished size is approximately 8″ wide and 5″ tall but can be adjusted to suit individual taste by simply changing the number of rounds worked. The sturdy construction also allows it to stand upright on its own, making it even easier to store items inside without them falling out or overbalancing it. 

The uses for this crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn pattern are endless! It’s great for keeping small items handy, or you can use it as a way to organize larger items like magazines and toys. You can even hang it from a hook or place it on top of shelves or furniture units – the possibilities are truly endless! This simple design can be completed in one sitting and will add both style and functionality to any room in your home.

crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn

What is the best yarn to crochet a basket?

Hands down to t-shirt yarn! It makes your project sturdy and durable. Being a thicker yarn than regular yarn, t-shirt yarn makes it easier to crochet and create shapes. It also gives you the opportunity to make the basket in any color or pattern that you’d like. I used t-shirt yarn from my shop Knitznpurlz.  

Introducing the Crochet Square Basket Kit with T-Shirt Yarn and Wooden Base! This unique kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful, handmade basket. Our premium quality t-shirt yarn is made of cotton, which is durable yet soft to the touch. The wooden base adds stability and structure to your crafted basket. It’s an easy project that can bring joy to any craftsperson, beginner or advanced.

This kit comes with all the components you’ll need for crocheting your own square basket: two skeins of t-shirt yarn in complementary colors and wooden base. All components are of premium quality and our t-shirt yarn is especially strong and tear-resistant, making it perfect for creating a lasting piece that can be used again and again. With this kit you can create a unique square basket that is sure to become a treasured part of any home décor!

For beginners, I include detailed instructions on how to crochet your own square basket using our kit. I provide step-by-step photos as well as helpful tips about the craft process so you can easily whip up your own beautiful creation! With this kit even novice crafters will have no trouble creating a stunning handmade piece that they’ll be proud to display. Whether used in home décor or as storage in any room of your house, this square basket will be a delightfully eye grabbing addition!

crochet square basket with wooden base

How do you crochet a basket for beginners?

Crafting a basket has never been easier with my two pattern options. Choose to crochet the square base, followed by the walls of your basket or opt for using a wooden base which you can then crochet around. The choice is yours! I prefer using the wooden base. The sturdy bottom of the basket ensures it won’t become wobbly, even when heavier items are placed inside.

How do I start crocheting my square basket?

If you decide to crochet the base, it only requires a simple square that can be found in the instructions below. After completing this step, move on to crocheting walls for your basket. I usually use a waistcoat stitch for my baskets, but you can choose any other crochet stitch.

If you decide to crochet around a wooden base, take advantage of my tricks for this step and then move on to crochet the basket walls.

Finally, create the handle for your basket and you are finished! You can also make minor adjustments like adding tassels or pom poms for decoration if you’d like. To make a larger or taller basket, simply add extra rounds to the base and sides. Now that your basket is complete, you can use it as a flower vase, fruit bowl or storage container in any room around your house!

If you’re looking to crochet additional baskets, then make sure to check out our amazing selection of patterns!

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free crochet basket pattern

Crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn free crochet pattern

Crochet Hook: 8mm, L11,  5 mm, H 8 (if wooden base is chosen)                                  


For basket with crochet base:

T-shirt yarn (weight 6 / super bulky weight), 100 yds (91 m) / 326 g (11.5 oz) – 2 cakes (100 yds each)

For basket with wooden base:

T-shirt yarn (weight 6 / super bulky weight), 100 yds (91 m) / 326 g (11.5 oz) – 2 cakes (100 yds each)

I used t-shirt yarn from my shop KNITZNPURLZ https://shop.knitznpurlz.com

Or get a KIT with all materials:

Square basket with wooden base

Square basket with crochet base

Other: Stitch marker – 4pcs

Wooden base (optional) – 8” (approx 20 cm).    


2 St = 1” and 1 Row = 1” in dc (your gauge may depend on the thickness of your yarn, so you may have to decrease or increase the size of the hook to match the gauge).

Finished  measurements: 8″ width x 5.5″ height, 8″ width x 6″ height


ch – chain

pm – place marker

st(s) – stitch(es)

sc – single crochet

sk – skip

sl st – slip stitch

* – repeat information from * as indicated 

Special stitches:

Ws – waistcoat stitch or knit stitch (ws works as a single crochet but instead of going under two loops you insert hook between the “legs” (“v”) of the next stitch, then work as a regular single crochet.

2wstog – 2 waistcoat stitches together (works as a 2 single crochet together but instead of going under two loops you insert hook between the “legs” (“v”) of the next stitch)  

Invisible slip stitch (iss) – when you’re ready to join the round, draw up height of active loop on hook a little and remove your hook. Insert your hook into the first stitch of the round from the wrong side to the right side, pull the loop through the stitch into the wrong side. Make the loop larger, put your entire project through the loop. Tighten the loop by pulling the working yarn string. Reinsert the hook into the first st from the right side, pull a new loop from wrong side to right and ch 1. 

invisible slip stitch crochet

invisible slip stitch in crochet

Note: Choose the type of the bottom from either crochet base or wooden base. Baskets is started by crocheting the bottom or by crocheting around a wooden base. If you choose wooden base start with section 2 Crochet around wooden basket base. If you choose crochet square bottom start section 1 Crochet basket square bottom. You can make your basket shorter by decreasing the number of rounds of the basket wall (take away rounds between rounds 2-9). If you would like your basket taller, add more rounds between rounds 2-9 in basket walls. 

  1. Crochet basket square bottom.

With 8mm, L11 crochet hook make magic ring, ch 1

Round 1: Sc 8 in magic ring, sl st to first sc. Tighten the ring by pulling the tail end.

Round 2: Ch 1, 1 wc in next st, 3 ws in next st, pm in the middle st, [1 ws in next st, 3ws in next st, pm in the middle st] 3 times. Iss. (16 sts)

Round 3: Ch 1, 1 ws until marker, * 3 ws in marked st, pm in the middle st, 1 ws in each st until marker; repeat from * around, 1 ws in last sts. Iss. (24 sts)

Round 4-8: Repeat round 3. 32 sts at the end of round 4. 40 sts at the end of round 5. 48 sts at the end of round 6. 56 sts at the end of round 7. 64 sts at the end of round 8. Remove stitch markers. Continue to basket walls. 

crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn

  1. Crochet around wooden basket base:

Round 1: Leave a length of  yarn end. Start in the middle of the board of either side with 5mm hook insert the hook through the holes of wooden base and work 1 sl st for each hole around wooden base. Last sl st should be completed with yarn end. With active loop on the hook insert hook through the last hole of wooden base and finish off sl st by pulling yarn end through the hole of wooden base and through the active loop. Insert the hook from top and under the first sl st, pull the yarn end to the mimic the stitch. Insert hook from the wrong side of the board, grab the yarn end and pull it to the wrong side. Weave the remaining yarn end to the sts. Insert the hook through the first hole and continue with working yarn.  

crochet around wooden base square basket

crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn

Round 2:   Insert the hook through the holes of wooden base and through sl st of previous round and work 1 sc for each hole around wooden base. Work 3 sc in each corner of the square base. Iss. Continues to section 3 Basket wall.        

  1. Basket walls

Round 1: With 8mm, L11 crochet hook sc in each st through the back loop AND third loop of the st. The row will curl up forming the wall of the basket. Iss.

crochet square basket with t-shirt yarncrochet square basket with t-shirt yarn

Round 2-9: Ws around. Iss.

To make straight corners of the basket, ws until 3 sts of the corner, *start as a ws with 1st st of the 3, do not finish it off and insert hook into next st as ws (3 loops on the hook) do not finish off the st, take the 3rd loop off the hook and hold it with fingers, finish the ws with the first 2 loops on the hook. Insert the hook into the loop that was taken off the hook and finish ws. Continue ws until next corner, repeat from *. Repeat for each corner of the basket in each round.

crochet square basket with t-shirt yarn

Round 10 start handles:  Ws until corner of the basket *(4 more ws, chain 8, sk 8 st), continue ws until the opposite side of the basket, repeat from *. Iss. 

crochet square basket with handles

Round 11: *Ws in each st to handles, 10 sc in ch-space; rep from *, ws in each st to end of round. Iss.

Optional (darker basket on the main photo).

11 a: *Ws in each st to handles, 1 ws in next st, 2 wstog in next 2 sts, 1 wc in next 4 sts, 2 wstog in next 2 sts, 1 ws in next st; rep from *, ws in each st to end of round. Iss.

11 b: Ws around. Iss.

Round 12: Sl st around.

  1. Finishing

Finish off and weave ends.

Make sure to watch a video tutorial for both way how to crochet a square basket.

I hope this tutorial was helpful in your journey to creating gorgeous square baskets. Feel free to share with friends and comment on any questions below. Have fun crafting yo​ur own unique creations – good luck!

Happy crocheting! 🙂

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