Easy plant hanger crochet pattern

Easy plant hanger free crochet pattern with t-shirt yarn

Spice Up Your Plant Décor with an Easy plant hanger free crochet pattern with t-shirt yarn and Kit! Want to make your plants look even cooler? I’ve got something super exciting for you! We teamed up with Ali from The Turtle Trunk to create something really neat. It’s a combo of crochet and planters, and it’s perfect for anyone – whether you’re new to crochet or a pro. Let’s check out how we got this collaboration going and how you can get your hands on these cool things.

Meet Ali from The Turtle Trunk

Ali is the creative brain behind The Turtle Trunk. She came up with a really easy crochet planter pattern that you can find on her blog. Her design is great for beginners and experts alike. We joined forces with her because we both love crochet and making things awesome.

Say Hello to the Easy plant hanger t-shirt yarn Kit

We’re super excited to introduce the Easy plant hanger Kit. This kit has everything you need to make your own crochet planters. Inside, you’ll find Ali’s crochet pattern and the special t-shirt yarn you need for your project. Even if you’re just starting out with crochet, Ali’s pattern is like having a friend guiding you step by step.

crochet hanging planter pattern


Why T-Shirt Yarn is Awesome for free crochet planter pattern

T-shirt yarn is a special kind of yarn that’s great for crochet. It’s made from cotton fabric, so it’s really soft and strong. This yarn helps your planter keep its shape, and it looks really trendy. You only need one “cake” of this yarn for each planter, so you can make a bunch without spending too much.

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Creating Your Crochet Easy plant hanger 

Ali’s crochet planter pattern makes a planter that’s about 20 inches long. That’s a good size that fits different pot sizes. And the best part? It’s a quick project! You can finish it in just a few hours. With the Crochet Planter Kit, you can start making your cool planter and show off your crafty skills in no time.

easy crochet hanging planter

Easy plant hanger free crochet pattern with t-shirt yarn and Kit! 

Making something awesome with your own hands is one of the best feelings ever. Our collaboration with Ali from The Turtle Trunk lets you do just that. The free crochet planter pattern and the Crochet Planter Kit with t-shirt yarn are perfect for making your plants look even cooler. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just starting – this project is totally for you. So, go to Ali’s blog for the free pattern and come visit my shop to get the Crochet Planter Kit. Let’s make your plants pop with some crafty fun!

Easy plant hanger crochet free pattern

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