Easy and Useful Crochet Basket Patterns

If you’re a beginner crocheter and you want to make something useful, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Easy and Useful Crochet Basket Patterns are perfect for storing small items in the home or office, plus they are great for gifting. It’s easy to learn, but there are so many different patterns out there that it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why I created this list of simple crochet basket patterns for beginners! I want everyone who wants to try crocheting for the first time or pick up their hook again after years away from it, have fun with these free crochet baskets. These are all beginner-friendly projects that will help you get back into the swing of things in no time at all!

These 17 Easy and Useful Crochet Basket Patterns will help you learn how to crochet while creating something practical that can be used around your house or given as gifts. They range from simple designs like the Chunky Tidy Up Basket and Woven Basket to more advanced ones like the Sea Weaves Basket and Chevron Basket. These patterns will show you how to crochet a simple basket, what you can use to crochet a basket and how to make your basket small or large. I hope these crochet basket patterns inspire you!

1. Big Stitch Basket by Stitch & Hustle. If you’re new to crochet, this pattern is the one for you! The instructions are very clear, and it’s a great way to practice making yo-yos before moving on to more complicated patterns.

big stitch basket.

2. Basket and Placemats Set Crochet Free Pattern by Knitznpurlz. A free crochet basket and round placemat pattern that can be made in any size you want. The great part about this project is that you can use it to accentuate your home decor, which means you can keep them around all year long!

crochet round basket and placemat

  1. T-shirt Yarn Easter Basket Free Crochet Pattern by Knitznpurlz. This cute and cozy crocheted basket is the perfect place to stash your Easter eggs! It’s also handy for storing toys or other knickknacks, so you’ll have something fun to look at every time you open it.

easter bunny basket crochet pattern

  1. Chunky Tidy Up Basket by Blue Star Crochet. As quick crochets go, this chunky yarn basket was one of the quickest makes. It is a fun and lovely use for your leftover bits of chunky yarn from other projects! A great beginner project too!

chunky crochet pattern

  1. Easy Baskets in 3 Sizes by Desert Blossom Crafts. Crochet baskets are great for decorating your home or gifting to others. Use them to store all your little knick-knacks or use it as a desk organizer! Have fun playing with colors and textures. This pattern has detailed instructions for making five different crochet baskets in three sizes.

crochet basket pattern in 3 sizes

  1. Spring Tulip Basket by Simply Melanie Jane. This crochet basket with three flowers is the perfect Easter decoration. If you fill it with candy or plastic eggs, not only will your home be festive for Spring, but everyone around you! It’ll still work well through Summer as decor on a shelf or end table.

crochet flower basket spring tulips

  1. Rectangular crochet basket pattern by Knitznpurlz. A crochet basket pattern is easy and fun to make. Great for storing toys, keys, change and of course all your crochet supplies.

rectangular crochet basket

  1. Cross Basket by Desert Blossom Crafts. The pattern is complete with detailed step by step instructions so you can whip up one for all your kids, grandkids, sister-in-laws, coworkers…the list goes on!


9. Crochet Chevron Basket Free Pattern by Knitznpurlz. A free chevron-motif crochet basket pattern. Use the sturdy storage solution to store yarn or even books! This is a fast and easy project that can be completed within a few hours of work.

chevron crochet basket

  1. Cestino Basket Crochet Basket by LiliKnits. Free crochet basket pattern that is not only functional, but also modern. This basket is perfect for storage and can even be used as a waste basket.

big crochet basket pattern

  1. Pumpkin Pots by Hooked On Patterns. If you’re looking for a great Halloween craft and party favor, look no further. This crochet pumpkin pattern is the perfect way to create sweet treats, favors with personality, and festive decorations that can be enjoyed long after this holiday season is over. These little baskets are sure to leave your guests wondering what kind of magic they may find inside!

pumpkin crochet basket

  1. Sunflower Basket by Hooked On Patterns. Little crochet baskets to encourage a little hand-made cheerfulness in your life. They’re great for storing change and keys too, with all the clutter down there – might even make it look neater this way!

sunflower crochet basket

  1. Heart Basket by Hooked On Patterns. This is a great project if you’re looking for something small and easy to make. It’s also perfect for beginners!

heart basket


  1. Rohtang Basket Free Crochet Pattern by Knitznpurlz. Crochet baskets are a fairly simple items to crochet and so versatile at home. Rohtang basket crochet pattern is easy and very quick make. Using wooden base and very interesting stitch will give your crochet basket a special unique touch.

Christmas crochet basket

  1. Woven basket crochet pattern by Knitznpurlz. Square free crochet basket set pattern includes pattern for 3 sizes. Easy and beginner friendly free crochet pattern. Make one or all three to organize little items on your home or make it as a gift.

square crochet basket


  1. Valentine’s Crochet Baskets Set Pattern by Knitznpurlz. Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with fun and practical baskets set. Check out free crochet pattern that is easy and quick to make using t-shirt yarn.

valentine's crochet basket

  1. Woven Crochet Baskets Set Free Pattern by Knitznpurlz. Crochet baskets so incredibly easy add a cozy touch to any space in the house. Crochet with chunky cords is very quick and simple. Free crochet pattern includes 3 basket sizes to make a set.

3 sizes crochet basket

I hope you enjoyed this list of Easy and Useful Crochet Basket Patterns. Now that you have a few ideas on how to get started, sign up for our email newsletter where I’ll be posting more tutorials and designs! And if you’re interested in learning about other crochet techniques or projects, don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog.

Happy crocheting!


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