Hexagon Chunky Yarn Crochet Rug Free Pattern

Hexagon Chunky yarn crochet rug scroll down for a free pattern.

Crochet rug was on my to do list for a while now. Now I’m finally ready to crochet a rug for my bathroom! I want my crochet hexagon rug to lay next to my bathtub. While I was sharing sneak peaks on social media I’ve got so many suggestions for this rug to be in the nursery, as a kitchen mat and even as a center rug in the living room (if I was to make it bigger, of course). And I love all these ideas, because this pattern of crochet hexagon rug can be so versatile. Make it bigger and smaller, with 1, 3 or many colors.

how to crochet a rug with chunky yarn

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But it has more than just versatility. I absolutely love the texture of the rug, I made it with poly crochet cord from my etsy shop. Before I started crocheting my rag rug I was thinking what yarn should I use to crochet the rug. I definitely wanted to be a bulky thick yarn so that my project is quick but also durable. While tshirt yarn is great to crochet a rug with, I wanted my crochet rug to be easy to wash and dry. Poly crochet cord makes this rug easy to take care of. It’s machine washable, air dry but it doesn’t take too long to dry as it would with tshirt yarn for example.

What is the crochet stitch used in a rug?

rug with fabric yarn

I’m not going to lie, I tried different variations of crochet stitches and ended up with a rohtang crochet stitch. I previously used this stitch in a crochet basket, like this Xmas crochet basket.

I quickly became a fan of a rohtang stitch, it’s a pretty interesting stitch that not many crocheters know. What I like the most about this stitch is it works so well with tshirt yarn and poly cords. The stitches are very neat and give a pretty thick texture, exactly what I needed for my bathroom rug.

how to crochet a yarn rug hexagon

Is this hexagon chunky rug pattern suitable for beginners?

I would rather say it’s best for adventurous beginners, meaning you’re very much still learning but confident to try something harder. I give this level because of the rohtang stitch. But don’t hesitate to watch my video tutorial. Once you get the hang of a stitch it’ll come out easy.

How to crochet a chunky hexagon rug out of yarn?

The rug consists of 13 hexagons that later on sewed together to form a rug. You can make your rug larger or smaller by making more or less hexagons. I even have an idea of crocheting a giant rug using the same pattern! You can also play around with different color combinations for your crochet rug.

crochet hexagon rug chunky yarn DIY

Hexagon Chunky yarn crochet rug free pattern.

free crochet hexagon rug with bulky yarn

Skill level: Adventurous beginner

Measurements: 26” length x 14″ width

Gauge: 2 St = 1 inch and 2 Rows = 1 inch (your gauge may depend on the thickness of your yarn, so you may have to decrease or increase the size of the hook to match the gauge).

Materials needed for crochet hexagon rug pattern:

Crochet Hook 5mm, H 8

Other 1 Stitch marker

Poly crochet cord (weight 5 / bulky weight), 82 yds (80 m) / 200 g (7 oz) 82 yds (80 m) per bobbin – 1 bobbin needed for each color A and B

164 yds (160 m) – 2 bobbins needed for color C.

Abbreviations, stitch knowledge:

pm – place marker

rs – right side

st(s) – stitch(es)

sc – single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

ws – wrong side

Special Stitches

Rohtang stitch (rst)

With active loop on the hook, insert hook under sc of the previous row and draw up a loop (2 loops on the hook). To achieve the full beauty of rohtang stitch effect is to draw straight and not twisted thread of yarn. Remove the hook from both loops and reinsert it from left to right, draw the right loop through the left loop, ch 1. See photo A-D

rohtang stitch


Let’s get crocheting!

Note: Hexagon rug is worked up by making 13 separate hexagons using rohtang stitch, then sewn together to form a rug.

Crochet Hexagon

Make 13 (4 hexagons with color A and 4 hexagons with color B; 5 hexagons with color C)

Make magic ring and ch 1.

Round 1: Sc 6 in magic ring, do not join round. Working in spiral way, pm at the beginning of the row for easy row counting.

All further rounds work with rohtang stitch.

Round 2: (2 rst into each st) around (12 sts).

Round 3: (2 rst in 1 st, 1 rst in next st) around (18 sts).

Round 4: (2 rst into 1 st, 1 rst in next 2 sts) around (24 sts).

Round 5: (2 rst into 1 st, 1 rst in next 3 sts) around (30 sts).

Round 6: (2 rst into 1 st, 1 rst in next 4 sts) around (36 sts).

Round 7: (2 rst into 1 st, 1 rst in next 5 sts) around (42 sts). Finish off by skipping ch 1, insert hook from ws between 2 st in the corner and pull loop from last st to the ws, ch 1. Leave approx 20” thread for sewing pieces together. Pull the remaining thread through ch.

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Sew hexagons together. The sewing stitch imitates rohtang stitch. Refer to a diagram and photos below.

  1. With right sides facing you and using yarn tail from Hex A. Position Hex so that yarn tail is coming out of Hex A at point 1.
  2. Using the hook or a large yarn needle, put yarn down through point 1 on Hex B (B1). Bring yarn up at point A1 again, and down through B1 again keeping yarn flat. See photo 1-3.
  3. Bring yarn up through point B2, down at point A2, up at B2 again. See photo 4-6.
  4. Bring yarn up at point A3, down at B3, twice.
  5. Bring yarn up at point B4, down at A4, twice, etc.
  6. Repeat in the same manner until hexagons sewn together along sides. Each st should have two layers of thread on the rs. Assemble hexagons as in schematics below.

crochet rug pattern

how to crochet a rug

how to crochet hexagon

crochet rug DIY

Hexagon Chunky Yarn Crochet Rug Video Tutorial

  • Grab downloadable pdf add-free pattern.
  • Find all the gorgeous colors of t-shirt yarn of equal thickness and knot-free throughout its length in Knitznpurlz shop.
  • Don’t have time now, Pin it for later.
  • Get it on Ravelry

I hope you like this crochet hexagon rug pattern. Please show me your creations on social media by tagging @knitznpurlz on Instagram or Facebook.

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