How To Crochet A Perfect Flat Circle For Beginners

I was often asked How To Crochet A Perfect Flat Circle For Beginners for baskets. Before when I was making anything that required a circle like some hats that start with crocheting a circle or baskets (my favorite!), my circles wouldn’t look like a circle, more like a square with very visible increases or with a very slanted line where I joined rounds. After many trials and errors I found a way to do it just right. I want to share with you a few of my tricks how to achieve a perfect round crochet circle that is seamless or with invisible seam. If you know I love working with tshirt yarn and lemme tell you to hide a seam with tshirt yarn is pretty hard as it’s a very bulky yarn. But keep on reading to see exactly how I do it step by step.

Where to use crochet circle in crochet projects?

How To Crochet A Perfect Flat Circle For Beginners as a base for many hats, amigurumi toys, or yes baskets! There are many descriptions and diagrams for crochet circles. The idea behind them is the same to increase the amount of stitches in each round. I’ve tried many of them over the years but I usually end up with something that looks like a hexagon. Maybe in certain projects it’s not very important, but if you’re doing a round basket well you want to expect your basket to be round! I’ve crocheted a few baskets, like Crochet woven circle baskets or Chevron basket, even this crochet place mat is using a crochet circle. I use the exact same way in all of the above patterns. Also yarn plays important role in your projects. If you plan to crochet baskets, placemats or rugs I highly recommend using tshirt yarn. I used Knitznpurlz yarn in all my home decor projects.

crochet circle patterns

  1. Crochet woven circle basket free pattern
  2. Chevron Basket crochet pattern
  3. Crochet placemat

How to make a crochet circle flat?

Another issue I had is that my circle wouldn’t stay flat and would curl up. I found out if the increases are placed in certain places it’ll make crochet circle lay flat and of course the blocking afterwards helps to crochet a perfect flat circle


Easy step by step How To Crochet A Perfect Flat Circle For Beginners instructions

For this tutorial purposes I used a 9 mm hook and tshirt yarn, but you can use any yarn and any hook size you’d like as this way will work for any circle pattern.

It all starts with a magic circle. You will crochet any amount of stitches that your pattern calls for and that amount of stitches will indicate the amount of stitches will be increased each round. For example sc 6 in a magic circle, then every row there will be a 6 stitches increase. The trick for a perfectly round circle is to alternate the placement of the increases.

Let me show you how that works in a pattern. I’ll be using a waistcoat stitch (aka knit crochet stitch, or KST) as it’s by far my favorite stitch for crochet baskets. You can check my YouTube video of how I crochet waistcoat stitch.

Let’s get crocheting!


KST – knit stitch or waistcoat stitch (find a video tutorial here)

Sc – single crochet;

Sl st – slip stitch;

St (s) – stitch(es)

Seamless crochet circle in spiral

Make a magic ring

Round 1:. Sc 6 in magic ring, sl st into first stitch of the ring, tighten the ring by pulling the tail end (6 sts).

how to crochet a perfect flat circle

Round 2: 2 KST into each st around (12 sts).

Working in spiral way, place the stitch marker at the beginning of the row for easy row counting.

crochet perfect circle tutorial

Round 3: (2 KST into first st, 1 KST in next st) all the way around (18 sts).

crochet perfect flat circle pattern

Round 4: (1 KST in next 2 sts, 2 KST in next st) all the way around (24 sts).

Round 5: (2 KST in one st, 1 KST in next 3 sts) all the way around (30 sts).

Round 6: (1 KST in next 2 sts, 2 KST in next st, 1 KST in next 2 sts) all the way around (36 sts).

Round 7: (1 KST in next 4 sts, 2 KST in next st, 1 KST in next st) all the way around (42 sts).

how to crochet a perfect flat circle

Crochet circle with invisible slip stitch

As you can see I worked in a spiral way and created a seamless circle. But what if your pattern calls for joining rounds? Watch this video to see how to crochet circle in spiral and with an invisible slip stitch. On 5:44 minute you can see how to make an invisible seam in a crochet circle.

Instead of continuing in a spiral way, join the round with invisible slip stitch and ch 1 at the beginning of next round. When you’re ready to join the round, draw up height of active loop on hook a little and remove your hook. Insert your hook into the first stitch of the round from the wrong side to the right side, pull the loop through the stitch into the wrong side. Reinsert the hook into the loop from the right side and pull through to the right side, ch 1. The increases are placed in the same way as in a seamless crochet circle.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and from now on your crochet circles will be perfectly round.

Happy crocheting,


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