How to crochet camel stitch

How to do single crochet through back bar (Camel Stitch)

How to do single crochet through back bar (Camel Stitch) scroll down for a tutorial

What is single crochet through back bar (Camel Stitch)

Camel Stitch aka single crochet trough back bar aka single crochet through 3d loop.

Single crochet through back bar stitch is amazing! You may find different names for this type of stitch, some people call it Camel Stitch, some say single crochet through third loop stitch. It looks a lot like knitted but … well works with the hook! It’s pretty simple you just have to find that back loop and work with single crochet.

What can you make using camel stitch?

I love using this stitch for my yarn leftovers projects. The possibilities are truly endless! From the smallest coasters to big laundry baskets (like in this crochet basket and coasters pattern ). Or you can make this Boho Round purse that is worked up using Camel Stitch. The truth is you can use Camel stich in many projects such as crochet blankets, scarves, placemats etc, it also works great as a single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet camel stitch.

Basket with Camel stitch using chunky t-shirt yarn.

How to crochet Camel stitch?

I found that you can get the most out of this stitch by working in rounds in spiral way, so I’ll be showing how to work scbbo (single crochet back bar only) in circle without joining the rounds. You need to have your stitch markers ready, because the the spot where you finish one round and start another one is invisible.

circle with camel stitch

Let’s get crocheting!

We’ll be making a circle using camel stitch

Make magic ring and ch1.

Sc 6 in magic ring, without joining the round find the back bar of the single crochet of the first stitch, insert the hook through that bar and work as a single crochet. Place a stitch marker on the first stitch for easy row counting. Repeat this step throughout all you stitches. You can follow this crochet circle pattern but instead of waistcoat stitch you can use camel stitch.

crochet stitch tutorial

tutorial using single crochet through back bar only.


Camel crochet stitch video tutorial

I hope you find this crochet tutorial helpful, Please show me your creations on social media by tagging @knitznpurlz on Instagram or Facebook.

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