what is tshirt yarn T-shirt yarn projects and free patterns

T-shirt yarn and t-shirt yarn projects

What is t-shirt yarn and t-shirt yarn projects, find out by reading below.

If you’re a creative, crafty person with an eye for unique projects, then t-shirt yarn is the perfect material for your next project! If you are unfamiliar with t-shirt yarn, don’t worry. This versatile and easy to use material can create virtually anything –– including baskets, bags and rugs –– that are both environmentally savvy and stunningly attractive. Let’s dive in and explore the world of what T-Shirt Yarn has to offer so you can make something fabulous today!

What is t-shirt yarn?

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to crochet, then t-shirt yarn crochet is a great option. Also known as ‘t-yarn’, fabric yarn or jersey yarn, t-shirt yarn is made by cutting jersey knit fabric into long strips. This creates a thicker and more durable yarn that’s perfect for crochet projects!

Its sturdy nature makes it particularly suitable for crocheting or knitting home décor and various bags and purses.

what is tshirt yarn

Tips working with tee yarn

When using t-shirt yarn for crochet projects, one important thing to keep in mind is that because t-shirt yarn is made from fabric, it’s important to take your time. T-shirt yarn is a lot stiffer than regular yarn.  If you are new to t-shirt yarn, your hands may tire quickly due to the unfamiliarity of it.

For the best results when working with Knitznpurlz t-shirt yarn, it is recommended to use needles or a hook in size 5mm-12mm, and I personally prefer an 8 mm hook.

Crocheting and knitting with T-shirt yarn is an incredibly quick process, due to its bulky nature. Generally, it takes a mere couple of hours to finish the entire project. Knitting or crocheting with chunky yarn is an ideal project for those just starting out, given that the stitches are large and clearly visible.

It is also important to keep in mind that t-shirt yarn will shrink when washed in a dryer.  Therefore it is best to lay dry all projects made with t-shirt yarn!

How to crochet with jersey yarn?

With t-shirt yarn, almost any crochet and knit stitch can be crafted with ease! I’ve got a ton of tutorials on how to get started using this versatile material. My preferred stitch to use with t-shirt yarn is waistcoat stitch. You can find a waistcoat stitch tutorial for it here. This stitch is perfect for baskets and bags. 

You can try any other stitch using t-shirt yarn and I can guarantee you the results will be fabulous! You can find some of my crochet stitch tutorials:

tshirt yarn projects

Spike stitch crochet tutorial

Camel stitch crochet tutorial

 Jasmin stitch crochet tutorial

When combining it with other materials, such as wood and leather, T-shirt yarn is the perfect addition for an exceptional craft project. With a wooden base, you can craft beautiful baskets with firm and sturdy bottoms. Crocheting bags and purses can be made even more beautiful with the addition of leather bases. Come and explore the plentiful selection of wooden bases and t-shirt yarn available in my Knitznpurlz shop! Whether you’re looking for a single bundle or multiple, they make perfect crafting materials to help bring your project ideas to life.

tshirt yarn free patterns

What patterns and projects can be made with fabric yarn?

You can crochet many different kinds of items with t-shirt yarn. Baskets and bags are some of the most popular. But don’t let that limit you – there are many other creative options such as home décor items like rugs and pillow covers, placemats and coasters.  You can also make accessories like bracelets, necklaces and belts.

You can find free crochet basket patterns on my blog:

tshirt yarn projects baskets

Chevron basket free crochet pattern

Rectangular basket crochet free pattern

Planter basket free crochet pattern

Here are free crochet bags and purses patterns

tshirt yarn projects crochet bags

Wristlet purse free crochet pattern

Sturdy handbag free crochet pattern

Reusable shopping bag free crochet pattern

Check out various home décor free crochet patterns

tshirt yarn projects home decor

Round placemats and basket free crochet pattern

Mandala free crochet pattern

Coasters and trivet free crochet pattern

Various projects can be crocheted for holidays

tshirt yarn free patterns

Christmas crochet stockings free pattern

Easter bunny basket free crochet pattern

Crochet pumpkin free pattern

Knitznpurlz also offers free crochet patterns that use our premium quality t-shirt yarn so you can get started on your project right away! So go ahead and check out our range of crochet projects made with t-shirt yarn today! 

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what is tshirt yarn free crochet pattern

Where to buy t-shirt yarn?

Knitznpurlz carries the best quality t-shirt yarn on the market. We offer affordable prices and free domestic shipping! If you’re looking for quality t-shirt yarn for crochet projects, then you should definitely check out Knitznpurlz Premium Quality T-Shirt Yarn. Our t-shirt yarn is durable and comes in a variety of colors so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your crochet project.  We do not use recycled material. Crafted from superior quality material, T-shirt yarn offers consistent width and the same color for each cake. Check out our website for more information on our collection of colorful t-shirt yarns.

Whether you’re new to crochet or an experienced crafter looking for some fresh ideas and crochet is your thing, don’t forget to give t-shirt yarn crochet projects a try – they look great and are super easy to make! And with our premium quality t-shirt yarn, you can be sure that your crochet projects will be unique and last for a long time.

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