Ripples Crochet Tissue Box Cover Free Pattern

Ripples tissue box cover scroll down for a free crochet pattern.

Ripples tissue box cover crochet pattern is easy enough for beginner crocheters once you get a hang of the stitch used in ripples tissue box and interesting enough even for advanced crocheters. This crochet tissue box cover is worked up in a couple of hours because the poly crochet cord is used which is bulky weight yarn and it gives so much texture.

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tissue box crochet pattern.png

What I love the most about ripples tissue box pattern is the crochet stitch which is a turkish star crochet stitch. The look of this stitch associates with light ripples on the water thus the name of a pattern.

Ripples tissue box pattern is perfect for days when you are not up to stitch counting or for any complicated patterns but rather binge watch while crocheting. If you’re anything like me, those days are pretty frequent.

Tissue cover crochet pattern is a wonderful pattern for any time of the year, whether you want to keep a finished item for yourself (and put it in every room, like in my house) or give it to your family and friends, it’s also a great item for selling in the markets.

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What will you need to crochet a tissue box cover?

You’ll need a poly crochet cord or it works beautifully with tshirt yarn. Wooden tissue box bases will make your box sturdy at the bottom and the lid cover has a special cut opening for tissues just like in regular cardboard tissue boxes. The wooden base is designed to fit a standard tissue box or it can be used without the cardboard box. I actually take all tissues out of the cardboard box and put them inside my crochet box and then refill it as needed. And did I mention that lid covers have a variety of printed patterns on them. The wood also has a waterproof coating which comes very useful at times. All the materials can be found at my etsy shop either separately or in the KIT which includes 2 bobbins of poly crochet cord and wooden base with a lid. The best part of getting a KIT is you’ll get a PDF of a ripples tissue box crochet pattern free!

tissue box cover crochet kit


How hard is it to crochet tissue box cover?

Generally all basket patterns are pretty easy to crochet. Check my other basket patterns that’ll just fly off your hook.

Same with Ripples tissue box patterns. Once you get a hang of the turkish star stitch, it’ll go easy and fast. I included a video tutorial for this pattern to help you along the way.

How to crochet Tissue box cover?

Crochet through the designed holes to start the “walls” of the box. Look down below in a pattern for a quick tip on how not to leave any gaps. Once you crochet around the base you’ll work up to the desired length of the tissue box using turkish star crochet stitch. The wooden lid is worked up the same way as the base with fewer rounds. Don’t forget to check for a video tutorial of the pattern and the turkish star stitch!

turkish star crochet stitch

Ripples free crochet tissue box cover pattern

Method: Crochet

Skill Level: Easy

Materials needed for crochet tissue box cover pattern

Crochet Hook 5mm, H 8

1 Stitch marker

Tissue box wooden base and lid.

Yarn Poly crochet cord (weight 5 / bulky weight), 82 yds (80 m) / 200 g (7 oz) – 164 yds (160 m) – 2 bobbins.

Or get a tissue box cover crochet KIT

Gauge 2 St = 1 inch and 2 Rows = 1 inch (your gauge may depend on the thickness of your yarn, so you may have to decrease or increase the size of the hook to match the gauge).

Finished measurements: 10” length x 6″ width x 5” height


pm – place marker

st(s) – stitch(es)

sc – single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

bl – back loop

Special stitches

Waistcoat stitch (ws)

Work as a single crochet but instead of going under two loops you insert hook between the “legs” (“v”) of the next stitch, then work as a regular single crochet.

waistcoat stitch.png

Turkish Star crochet stitch

Working into a row where there are 2 ws sts in the same stitch skip 1 ws of previous round, insert the hook into the leftmost bar of two stitches and then into unused (the skipped) stitch of the previous round, yarn over, pull through the loop and finish as a sc. Then work a second stitch in the same manner in the same place See photo A-F Turkish star crochet stitch.

turkish star crochet tutorial

Note: Tissue box is worked up starting with crocheting around wooden base and up. The lid is worked up as the base.

Tissue Box

Round 1: Insert the hook through the holes of wooden base and work 1 sl st for each hole around wooden base. Last sl st should be done in the same hole where yarn was joined to avoid gaps. Don’t joint the round.

wooden base basket

Round 2: Insert the hook through the holes of the wooden base and through sl st of previous round and work 1 sc for each hole around the wooden base. 2 sc in each corner. Don’t join the round.

how to crochet around wooden base for tissue box cover

Round 3: Sc in the back loop AND third loop all sts around.

Round 4: (2 ws in 1 st, skip 1 st) around.

Round 5-16: Turkish star stitch around.

Round 17: Sl st around. Finish off and weave ends.

Tissue box lid

Round 1-6: Repeat rounds 1-6 from the tissue box section.

Round 7: Sl st around. Finish off and weave ends.

tissue box cover crochet tutorial

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  • Grab downloadable pdf add-free pattern with even more instructions and photo illustrations in one format.
  • Find all the gorgeous colors of t-shirt yarn of equal thickness and knot-free throughout its length in Knitznpurlz shop.
  • Get tissue box cover crochet KIT
  • Don’t have time now, Pin it for later.
  • Get it on Ravelry.

crochet tissue box cover pattern.png

Ripple crochet tissue box video tutorial

I hope this step by step video tutorial will help you to crochet your own tissue box holder. Please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel and leave some feedback.


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